Somebody who uses currency to have sexual intercourse, usually…

Somebody who uses currency to have sexual intercourse, usually in the context of prostitution

trappin’ step 1. adj. New act out-of coping in as well as having promoting pills to have this new accumulation from riches private get. “Yo, immediately following Larry got you to definitely handle them cartels, he trappin’.”

get rid of ’em step one. to fix or confront somebody having a learned prerequisite. To coach some one. “Your betta get rid of ’em prior to We treat ’em.”

secret step one. “Yo Calvin. That has you to definitely secret over around having Jamie?” 2. Plus used as a great verb. “Why is Tiffany flipping strategies?” or “Oh, he’s just a key.”

triflin step 1. v. To help you cheating on your own date otherwise partner or even to feel good poor companion for the dating. “Rick! Could you be trifflin with Jackie? You top vow Tomeka try not to find out . . . she will open up a could on you!” dos. “Boy, Monica are straight triflin’!” 3. An individual who are annoying and or becomes on the peoples nervousness.

Talking about a friend’s back, straight back stabbing; an individual who wants drama and provides anyone in the on the mess

trill step 1. adj. a person who is actually well-respected about roadways because they ‘ensure that is stays real’; comes from the text true and you will actual. “Hi these ni##a’s are trill so that you don’t have to worry about no one snitchin’.” Lyrical source: FLO RIDA – Act like You know my personal opening squad iced out my personal nigga so trill my personal nigga so trill ack as you learn

trippin step 1. v./adv. (produced from “tripping” ) To act for example an individual who is actually hallucinating otherwise towards the an acidic travel. To act one anybody else select unusual. “Girl, the reason why you trippin . . . he ain’t all of that!” 2. To do something in love otherwise intense from the things or toward anybody. “Eh, woman! Really don’t have any idea as to the reasons he feel trippin on the me personally when I getting away.”

trolling step one. new operate out of deliberately hurtful (simply because you might, you will be private) others online always by seeking cheat her or him to the thought your is intent on particular conflict or section you are seeking to generate, otherwise physically attacking them, or claiming rude comments. “David’s on the web trolling into the review section of chapel websites just once the he believes it is fun so you can distressed those spiritual some body.”

troop step 1. letter. a long go otherwise travels. *Although this title isn’t widely used any more, they however holds claiming because it has had play with and might getting nevertheless inside movement in a few contexts. “Taco Bell? That is a beneficial troop and a half.”

truthiness step 1. n. when something appears to be, or perhaps is considered to be true, even if this is not always real.

tunnin’ step one. v. To fight perfectly; fight much. A third coast & Filthy Southern area identity. “Everytime i check out an event, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ 1. v. grass moving or (T.You.R.F bikerplanet username.=taking up area on the floor) definition using an enormous area because you dance. This kind of moving is actually associated with Hyphy, Krumping, otherwise Bucking and is actually originated Oakland, Ca. “JJ was profitable the fight right until Rajaad started turfin’ thereon deceive and you will got your out.”

tweaker 1. adj. Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally did not bed for over 40 times, I am going to wager she’s a good tweaker.”

tweakin’ step one. v. to do something eg anyone who has drawn Methamphetamine. To-be continuously hyper otherwise energetic. To behave strangely.

An intimately effective women

adjusting step one. v. In order to snort otherwise cigarette methamphetamine (crank, speed). In many cases individuals will take it intervenously. “Exactly why are your figiting so much, could you be tweaking once more?”

twigga step 1. letter. a variation of the title ‘wigga’ (white nigga), usually used in Tx. “Jason is true twigga, the guy symbolizing him or her twice wider trailers!” 2. letter. a black person who spends Fb and you may observe the activities from other black colored some body. “I recently put each one of my personal twiggas through to the second spot to strike right up this evening.”

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